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Our projects empower women to improve their quality of life with social, economic and personal growth. 


Everything Wise empowers women in impoverished and vulnerable communities, giving them a sense of purpose, a voice, and the ability to contribute to their family income. 

Our projects identify business opportunities within the community, enabling local women to upskill and engage in planting, harvesting and crafting unique, high-quality products. 

Through these projects, the women can also raise awareness and advocate against sexual gender-based violence; bringing about change in support of gender equality in their communities.


Everything Wise applies the 'Pay it forward' principle to encourage the women empowered from our projects to influence and initiate change in their communities as well as neighbouring ones.

By sharing agricultural knowledge and business experience gained from the projects, there is profit sharing, community development as well as an overall positive social impact.

“Women shouldn't have to be wholly dependent on their partners to subsist - this allows us to build on our skillset and to provide for ourselves.”

Yibit Garanis

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